Feedback systems

In any sector, the use of proper feedback systems allows for the user-generated information to shed light on the performance and effectiveness of existing strategies. The following are just some of the many areas that directly benefit from having good feedback systems.

Human Resources

One very effective tool of assessing team cohesion is by conducting surveys. They allow information to be sourced from the grassroots level upwards with the results shedding light on the state of affairs of the organisation.

  • Regular pulse surveys of employee morale and work culture are key in measuring the effectiveness of current policies
  • Employee self-evaluation exercises allow employees to feel part of the solution process of any company.


One of the most competitive industries anywhere is the restaurant & beverage business.

Clients expect perfection and a bad review can cripple a business.

At Ostium we offer solutions that will make your clients feel at home and give you useful feedback of how your services are faring.

Our products work because they are non obtrusive and very convenient for guests to use.


We assist schools / educational facilities to conduct quick quizzes/surveys across as many levels as required and get the feedback in real time.

This can be extended to allow a school to benchmark the performance of its students in one class compared to the other classes of the same grade/level. Furthermore, the performance of students in one school can then be compared with those from other schools at the same level for the same test.


Supply chain management is all about efficiency and a high level of precision.

Ostium solutions designs systems that allow logistics managers to receive feedback as soon as a delivery/shipment arrives, all this confirmed by the receiver of the goods.

Customer Service

Many studies have shown that close to two thirds of customers who experience bad customer service don't report it, they just opt to never use your services again.

Given the knock on effect of a disgruntled client also discouraging potential clients down the line, the potential revenue lost is huge.

Ostium Solutions offers a wide array of bespoke electronic solutions that allow guests to give you continuous feedback about your quality of service and make suggestions where necessary.


Hospitals and health care practitioners need constant feedback from those that use their services, especially when they are being discharged. This helps in assessing how good the quality of care is from the perspective of the former patients.