Data Management

Facilities management

The evolution of technology has allowed Ostium Solutions to introduce cheaper, more efficient tools that allow Facilities managers to get an up-to-date picture of what is going on in their building from the most reliable source: the end user.

  • Guests and employees in a building are able to report a fault to the facilities manager in real time and issues can be addressed with speed.
  • When was the last time that you renovated your facility? Did you know that the best people to consult when conducting a renovation are the people who use the room the most.For example, getting information about loud traffic noise at peak hour will help you budget for sound proofing the affected rooms during the next renovation.

Entrance Solutions

Do you want to be alerted as soon as your visitor arrives at the front entrance?

Are you sure that what a visitor brought in is what they brought out?

Can you determine how many times a particular visitor has been to your premises and why?

Do you have access to this information in real-time wherever you are on the planet?

Modern entrance management requires modern solutions and that is what we do at Ostium!

Event Management

Whenever an event is being planned, it is critical to know the number of people who will attend and note any special dietary or other requirements that each invited guest has. Ostium solutions offers a solution that

  • Allows an event planner/host facility to send electronic invites for an event.
  • Receive RSVP confirmations via the same platform
  • Allow the guest to send in any additional requests about special foods, access to the facility etc.
  • Allow front desk operators to check the electronic guest list and indicate all those present.

All this done quickly and efficiently to optimize customer service.