HR Solutions

One very effective tool of assessing team cohesion is by conducting surveys. They allow information to be sourced from the grassroots level upwards with the results shedding light on the state of affairs of any organisation.

  • Regular pulse surveys of employee morale and work culture are key in measuring the effectiveness of current policies and obtaining feedback.
  • Employee self-evaluation exercises allow employees to feel part of the solution process of any company. This boosts individual performance and ultimately improves the team performance.
  • In a very short time, quick polling can be conducted to allow employees to vote for employee awards ie. Employee of the year, etc

Logistics Solutions

Supply chain management is all about efficiency and a high level of precision.

Ostium solutions designs systems that allow logistics managers to receive feedback as soon as a delivery/shipment arrives, all this confirmed by the receiver of the goods.

Market research & Surveys

  • Do you want to know how your brand/product is performing in the market?
  • Do you want to get client feedback on spending patterns across all demographics?
  • Do you want to test how your product will be received by the market before its fully launched?

These are all questions that every sales and marketing department is constantly asking and Ostium Solutions can help you design and implement a system that will obtain this crucial business intelligence. Our solutions are robust and tailored to suit your requirements and budget.

Entrance Management

Do you want to be alerted as soon as your visitor arrives at the front entrance?

Are you sure that what a visitor brought in is what they brought out?

Can you determine how many times a particular visitor has been to your premises and why?

Do you have access to this information in real-time wherever you are on the planet?

Modern entrance management requires modern solutions and that is what we do at Ostium!

Customer service Feedback

This is vital for businesses that want to monitor customer service levels.

Your clients can rate how good your services are on a scale of 1 to 10, be it meals, drinks, accommodation, etc and also give their suggestions.

Our services also enable businesses to know the demographic characteristic of clients who frequent the venues/events. This allows you to know their preferred products/services and improve your quality of service for your target market.


This service allows employees or any other witness to an illegal/suspicious event to submit information anonymously and through multiple means. This allows risk and loss control departments to get more information in real-time and close down loopholes used to defraud or sabotage the organisation.


We conduct audits of the internal processes, identify the key information metrics required and then measure your key performance indicators across your organization.

We then design and implement a solution or make the necessary recommendations that can assist you.